About Us

e-tut is an online learning environment where students can further develop their understanding of the Australian curriculum and its application through the help of our dedicated online tutors. At e-tut we are passionate about education and what it is really all about not what the world has unfortunately made it to be – We are here to make a difference. Parents sign up to e-tut, because they are not convinced with the ridiculous amounts that private tutors charge and add ups such as the time and cost of traveling to a tutor’s home or tutoring institutes. We are growing to be Australia’s ultimate choice for tutoring because of the explicit attention that our students receive and the great impact our services have had on students’ results.

Our vision is to revolutionize students’ view towards education and to inspire a passion for long life learning, encourage academic vitality and to embolden students with both confidence and knowledge to achieve their best.

Our mission is to provide world-class tutoring and high-quality content for students around Australia at affordable prices.

We take pride in the caliber of our tutors, recruited after a lengthy assessment process. All our tutors undergo extensive training and are assigned mentors, who regularly review sessions. In addition, we take our students’ feedback very seriously in order to continually improve the quality of our tutoring sessions. Our tutors use personalized teaching methods to ensure that students not only work on basic and advanced concepts but also meet their long and short term academic goals and objectives.

Our Online tutoring sessions follow the Australian curriculum; coverage of specific topics can be requested when scheduling a session/course is available. We also provide Test Prep Help, Homework Help, Supplemental Tutoring and Expert assistance before tests and exams.

At e-tut Australia we are confident that our tutors and online tutoring system will keep students and parents 100% satisfied. We are also committed to the highest levels of privacy and safety. We perform extensive background checks on all our tutors. All sessions are recorded and monitored. Tutors DO NOT have access to any of our student’s personal details; we ensure that no personal information is exchanged between tutors and students.

Register today and help your child excel in their studies with the best online tutoring service, don’t wait till it’s too late, we are here because we can help.