HSC ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) is not a mark or summary of the HSC. It is in fact a ranking system that is used to allocate university placements. The ATAR are released the day after your HSC results and admission ranks are calculated based on your:

  • Total exam marks (before HSC marks alignment is done)
  • Moderated assessment marks

Calculation of ATAR is optional and generally requested by students who wish to gain entry into university the following year.

The ATAR is a number that ranges between 0.00 and 99.95 with increments of 0.05. Should you achieve an ATAR of 80.00 then you will feature in the top 20% of your age group.

ATAR Eligibility

In order to qualify for ATAR, students will need to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 10 units of specific NSW courses for which formal examinations are conducted. The courses include:

  • Four subjects
  • Two units of English
  • Three ATAR courses of two units or greater
  • Eight units from Category A courses

You are not eligible for ATAR if:

  • You are undertaking tertiary preparation programs such as Open Foundation
  • IB students who have been awarded the IB Diploma or Bilingual Diploma will obtain a UAC rank based on the total of their IB score.

ATAR is optional

NSW HSC students must indicate on their HSC entry forms that they would like to be notified of their ATAR. Those students will receive an ATAR Advice Notice from UAC around the same time as the HSC results. The notice includes:

  • The ATAR
  • List of ATAR coursed studied as well as their category
  • Number of units of each course that contributed to the calculation of the ATAR

ATARs are released annually in December and are used by institutions to rank students for selection into courses. If you do not meet the ATAR requirements the notice will state “not eligible” and if you receive an ATAR between 00.00 and 30.00 that notice will state “30 or less.”

Category A and B Courses

Category A courses have academic precision and depth of knowledge which provide a good background for tertiary studies. Such subjects include Mathematics and Physics.

Category B courses don’t offer an adequate grounding for tertiary studies but two units can contribute to ATAR (for example English Standard and English Advanced) as long as the other courses included in the ATAR provide a good background for tertiary studies.

ATAR Courses

Only ATAR courses are used when calculating ATAR. HSC ATAR is calculated from a combination of scaled marks (see HSC Scaling and Scaling Statistics) including two units of English along with the best eight units from the remaining courses, such as Mathematics Extension 2, Chemistry and Biology.

Almost any combination of courses can result in a good ATAR. It really depends on how you perform in your courses compared to other students. Choose your courses based on what interests you and what you will excel at based on your future career path and not simply because the course may effect scaling.

You Don’t Need to Study More Units

You don’t need to study more units to increase your ATAR.

Accelerating Your Studies

You can opt to accelerate your studies and complete HSC courses in Year 11. The advantage of accelerating your studies includes:

  • You can study a wider range of subjects
  • You can take less courses in Year 12 and therefore focus better on those subjects

It’s important to note that students will only be accelerated if they are excelling in a particular subject.

What Happens If You Accelerate Courses in Year 11?

Courses are scaled in the year in which they are completed so the scaled mark will be included in your ATAR calculation.

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