HSC Moderation

The final results of many HSC courses are determined by combining a school assessment mark with an examination mark.

How Assessment Marks Are Moderated

The Office of the Board of Studies use a process called moderation to scale assessments that are submitted to them.

HSC Moderation is done so that comparisons can be made between the assessment marks that are awarded by the various schools. Since each school has students of differing quality and since there are different marking standards as well as differences in the difficulty of tests set, it is essential that assessment marks in each course are adjusted to a common scale.

What Happens Once Exam Marks Have Been Scaled?

Once examination marks have been scaled the assessment marks for every course in every school are moderated according to the exam performance of the students in the respective schools.

During HSC moderation, the assessments will be adjusted so that an average is determined and set to equal the average of the exam marks. The top assessment mark becomes equal to the top exam mark.

The moderation process upholds the rank order of students within their school group.

How Internal Marks Are Moderated

Throughout your Year 12 schooling, your internal school assessments count towards the HSC. Essentially, once the moderation process has taken place with the Board of Studies, the top external mark is awarded to the internally highest ranked student. All other students will receive a mark in accordance with their rank.

Initial Scaled Marks (ISMs)

ISMs are used to moderate school assessment marks. Assessments are converted to a mark out of 50, regardless of what the course is and whether it is a 1 or 2 unit course or even an extension course.

It is ensured that all students are treated fairly during the moderation process and in so doing some students may be excluded from the moderation of the assessments in their group at first. Such students would include:

  • Those who have illness appeals
  • Those whose exam performance is below what was expected on the basis of their assessments
  • Special cases as determined by the Board of Studies.

By excluding such cases, these student’s exam marks are excluded when the group average is calculated and therefore their performance won’t affect the moderation process.

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