Online Biology Tutoring

HSC Biology is an engaging, interesting and exciting subject to study. With the help of an online e-tut tutor, learning online Biology is both fun and easy.

e-tut provides a great online environment from which learners are able to really get to understand and grasp Biology all from the comfort of their own home via PC or notebook. In fact, the only other element that is required is an internet connection to get going on your way towards desirable HSC results in not only Biology but Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Business and Economics too.

Online Biology tutoring makes for a safe and fun way for students to learn whilst interacting with tutors and fellow peers.

HSC Subjects for the NSW Biology Curriculum

We offer both Year 11 and Year 12 subject selection based on the Australian curriculum. Our tutors are highly trained and continue to undergo training to ensure that your child receives the best in education so that they are easily able to achieve favourable HSC ATAR and be well on their way to a successful career.

Preliminary Subjects are made up of:

  • A Local Ecosystem
  • Patterns in Nature
  • Life on Earth
  • Evolution of Australian Biota

e-tut covers the Year 12 HSC course too with the following Biology subjects:

  • Maintaining Balance
  • Blueprint for Life
  • The Search for Better Health

Students are required to choose one option from the following to complement their studies:

  • Communication
  • Biotechnology
  • Genetics: The Code Broken?
  • The Human Story
  • Biochemistry

We strive to provide professional online learning that is cost effective and flexible enough to meet student’s needs not only for Biology, but some of the other tricky subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

A Career from Studying Online Biology

Students who study the sciences make for valuable employees. Curious and investigative minds are sought out by employers in a number of areas, so studying Biology does not necessarily limit students to the science sector only.

Many students choose to enter professional and technical jobs such as lab technicians or research assistants and a number enter into the world of scientific research, development and analysis. Management positions are also popular choices as are finance and business.

Some students decide to enter the education or healthcare sectors and a few follow a career in sales and marketing.

Other areas include:

  • Private hospitals
  • Scientific and technical consultancies
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Universities and clinical research organisations.

The Benefits of Online Biology Tutoring

Online tutoring cuts down on the costs of a private tutor or learning institution fees as well as reducing the need for study materials.

Our online Biology tutors have a great understanding of the fact that students need practice and coaching in order to achieve a better understanding of subjects such as Biology and Chemistry and having an online tutor who is able to assist with deliberate practice means your child receives the best in-class examples, experiments and tools to achieve their desired HSC scores.

Via the internet, our tutors will work with students either in small groups of 2 to 5 learners or in a one-on-one setting in order to achieve a greater understanding of the subject at the student’s pace in as little or as many hours a week as needed. Having a personal Biology coach enables learners to enjoy great advantages in the classroom or for impending tests.

How We Tutor

e-tut uses world-class virtual classroom technology to ensure that students receive the best possible tuition. During our 60 minute sessions we are able to interact via online whiteboard technology and make use of voice, text and sketches in real time to communicate.

Sharing files and presentations is really fast and easy too via the upload functionality and we are able to keep track of online Biology tests, classroom attendance and the amount of time spent in classes.

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If there is a service that you require and we do not currently offer it, please do contact us so that we can continue to endeavour to meet your child’s online learning requirements.