Online Chemistry Tutoring

HSC Chemistry may seem tough to learn but it can become a simple and interesting subject once you have mastered the fundamental concepts. e-tut will help you to achieve a clear understanding of the concepts of Chemistry as expected of the NSW curriculum in an interactive and fun online environment.

Our highly qualified tutors help you to think about HSC and your future when studying towards the more tricky subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics whilst providing realistic situations and examples that help learners to fully understand and appreciate the subjects. We also help learners to prepare for assignments and tests while learning the integration of technology with the amazing scientific advancements in today’s world.

Being able to explore the chemical world and understand the incredible facts and discovery of chemistry in the comfort of your home makes for an amazing online learning experience.

What Do you Learn?

Our online courses offer both Year 11 and 12 subject selections for the HSC NSW Chemistry course that help students to prepare for an excellent HSC ATAR and gain comprehensive insight into the incredible world of chemicals.

The Year 11 preliminary course offers a great grounding for the subject and includes:

  • The Chemical Earth
  • Metals
  • Water
  • Energy

The Year 12 HSC course takes the students further into the world of Chemistry with insightful and interesting subjects including:

  • Production of Materials
  • The Acidic Environment
  • Chemical Monitoring and Management

Students are also required to choose one captivating subject from the following selection:

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation
  • The Biochemistry of Movement
  • The Chemistry of Art
  • Forensic Chemistry

What Can You Do With Chemistry?

Studying Chemistry opens up a world of almost endless career opportunities! Employment options will depend on how far you take your education. Chemistry is a part of Biology and Physics and career options include:

  • Biotechnology
  • Catalysis
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • BioChemistry
  • Ceramics Industry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Technology
  • Chemical Information Specialist
  • Chemist
  • Environmental Law
  • Food Chemistry
  • Patent Law
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Space Exploration
  • Software Design
  • Textile Industry
  • Teaching
  • Technical Writing

Chemistry is really a great base from which to explore numerous career opportunities.

Why Online Chemistry Tutoring Will Work For You

When it comes to subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Business and Physics, students sometimes require personal attention and the flexibility to study as little or as much as they need to in order to master a subject. e-tut not only provides a safe online learning environment, but our highly trained tutors are able to conduct 1-on-1 sessions or small group sessions with never more than 5 learners at a time to ensure that students receive the attention they require for their NSW curriculum.

The flexibility that online tutoring offers is becoming more and more desirable not only with parents who can save on the cost of private tuition and the time it takes to travel from tutors or learning institutions, but with students who are able to “virtually” study via their laptops or PCs which makes learning in today’s technologically driven world so much more effective. In fact, students are better able to understand and retain information when they have learnt it in their digital space. Our classes usually last 60 minutes and students are welcome to do as little or as many hours per week as necessary.

How Do You Learn Online?

e-tut makes use of an online virtual classroom that offers the best in online tutoring and technology. The interactive whiteboard allows learners to see and learn with the use of visuals which is incredibly effective for subjects like Chemistry. Visuals help learners to better engage with a subject and therefore gain a greater understanding.

We further provide an effective text chat feature which means that we can offer personal attention to students in either one-on-one or group chat sessions. Video streaming and easy uploads are all part of our virtual classroom that help to make sure your child’s education is dynamic and impactful.

Why Choose To Learn Online?

Our tutors continually endeavour to inspire determination amongst students and in so doing help your children to reach their full potential in subjects like Chemistry and Biology.

By partaking in online Chemistry tutoring, costs are drastically cut as all that is required is an internet connection and PC or laptop. Students can even learn from the comfort of a tablet!

By registering with e-tut your child is guaranteed an interactive, stimulating and dynamic online learning experience.