Online Economics Tutoring

Studying HSC Economics opens up a world of opportunity and is essential for a career in business or government. The principles of Economics are always relevant and give learners a leading edge when it comes to running a business or becoming a financial director.

e-tut are dedicated to HSC and your future and we therefore offer NSW courses in not only Economics but Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Business and Physics too in an interactive environment that makes learning enjoyable. With the help of our expert tutors the learning process is accessible and exciting which makes for better retention of information in a personalised setting. All students require are a PC and internet connection to be on their way to achieving their desired HSC grades.

Year 11 & 12 Subject Selection

e-tut cover both preliminary and HSC NSW courses for online Economics that will get students on their way to 90+ HSC ATAR. Click here to find out more about HSC Scaling, HSC Moderation and HSC Marks Alignment

The year 11 preliminary course offers thought-provoking subjects including:

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Labour Markets
  • Markets
  • Consumers and Business
  • Financial Markets
  • Government in the Economy

The Year 12 course discusses a lot of issues that we are faced with today both on a national and international level with subjects like:

  • Economic Policies and Management
  • The Global Economy
  • Economic Issues
  • Australia’s Place in the Global Economy

We offer a dynamic online learning environment where students will thrive from personal attention and detailed explanations of the subjects so that they are adequately prepared for their examinations for the more detailed subjects of Math, Physics, Economics, Business, Biology and Chemistry.

What Can You Do With Economics?

Studying Economics means that the opportunities for employment are really as wide as your interests. Of course, Economics is the grounding for an education for students who wish to become managers and decision makers in government, NGOs and private organisations and work in the areas of International Economics, Policy, Development Economics, Trade and Risk Management.

Journalism, teaching, international consulting and foreign affairs all require economic know-how. Other career options that students may like to consider when studying online Economics include:

  • Relationship Manager
  • Agricultural Economist
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Building Economist
  • Health Economics Associate
  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Quantitative Traders Assistant

Why Choose Online Economics Tutoring?

These days students may encounter difficulties and inconveniences such as travel time and the cost of study material as well as institution fees. At e-tut we are dedicated to assisting students studying the NSW curriculum for subjects such as Mathematics, Business and Economics and therefore offer personal attention and access to live tutors during lessons.

Since students are more technologically-minded, being able to study from the convenience of a computer, laptop or tablet means that our courses are easily accessible and far more engaging. Learning is also flexible and in general, students are more relaxed and receptive to studying.

Students who may have previously been struggling with Economics are more able to interact in a dynamic environment and receive comprehensive tutor support that goes a long way to improving their HSC Scaling.

How Does It Work?

We offer a top-of-the-range online learning environment where students are able to participate in 1-on-1 sessions or small group classes of up to 5 students. Tutoring can be as little or as many hours per week as required and last for up to 60 minutes.

Our virtual classroom offers all the tools and functionality to enable us to deliver top class tutoring and assessment via multi-way audio, live video streams and integrated chat. We also offer application sharing, file transfer and online whiteboard facilities which all contribute towards efficient study sessions.

Our online classrooms allow our tutors to deliver high-end online Economics lessons targeted to student’s needs within the NSW curriculum.

Why e-tut?

e-tut provides a safe and cost effective learning environment for the more difficult HSC subjects such as Economics, Mathematics, Physics and Commerce. Our tutors strive to inspire a passion for learning amongst students, which will help them to achieve the best possible results.

We eliminate the costs of traveling, study material and institution fees while providing flexible and effective study solutions.

Register with us today to help your child reach their full potential with top-notch online Economics tutoring from highly skilled and well trained tutors.