English Extension 2

Online English Extension 2 Tutoring

Students who embark on English Extension 2 tuition will explore the power of language and its ability to stimulate, persuade and inspire. An enjoyable and diverse range of literary genres are analysed and discussed in order to encourage independent and critical thinking skills.

Through lively discussions and debates our team of highly trained tutors will help you to explore and interpret various meanings and enhance your critical literacy skills. You will be encouraged to express yourself in original and creative ways too.

The English Extension 2 course requires you to work independently and to plan and complete Major Work in the form of an extended composition. You will be able to select an area of personal interest from your specialised study of English in order to develop your work to a level of distinction. The composition will be expected to demonstrate insight, depth, originality and skills in independent investigation.

English Extension 2 Requirements

The HSC English Extension 2 course requires students to develop a sustained composition and then document and reflect on the process. Students are expected to complete the Major Work.

Students will compose the Major Work as an extension of understanding, knowledge and the skills in developed in previous courses including English Advanced and English Extension 1.

The Major Work is expected to be substantial, investigative, imaginative, interpretive and analytical or any combination.

The chosen medium and form will have to be appropriate to the nature of the task and the student’s interests, abilities and available resources.

Students will undertake on going, systematic and rigorous investigation in their chosen area in order to provide the basis for the Major Work. They will document the investigative process in a journal to demonstrate specific skills.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring provides a safe and enjoyable learning environment for English Extension 2. e-tut also offers Year 11 and 12 subject selection for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business and Economics as well as other NSW English subjects:

We keep our lessons to around 60 minutes for either 1-on-1 sessions or small groups of no more than 5 students.

Our tutors provide interactive classes via our virtual classroom which makes chatting, texting, file sharing and video viewing really easy. In fact, all you need to study with us is a computer and an internet connection.

No Additional Fees

Online tutoring is a cost-effective way to study. There are no additional study material or institution fees and no more need to travel between tutors. Students are able to better retain information as they are learning in an environment they are comfortable with – their computer in their home – and access is provided to skilled tutors who are dedicated to helping learners reach their full potential with English Extension 2 and work towards careers in journalism, editing, copy writing, public relations or advertising.