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English is the vital study of language and texts that helps students to gain insight into human experiences and how to express such insight in enthralling ways. Studying HSC English Standard provides students with the understanding and appreciation of the way language, text and literacy can be used in all aspects of life.

Our e-tut tutors work hard to provide students with the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that are required to master sophisticated texts with a high degree of fluency and accuracy.

HSC English Standard with the NSW curriculum gives learners the opportunity to:

  • access a wide range of literary texts and develop a great appreciation of literature
  • engage innovatively and ingeniously with texts
  • appreciate the rich diversity of the various languages in Australia.

What the NSW Curriculum Covers

e-tut provide online tutoring for a number of specialised subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Business and English Advanced as well as English as a Second Language (ESL). We strive to help learners on their way to a pleasing HSC ATAR. The online English Standard curriculum includes:

Preliminary English Standard course

With this course, students are able to experiment and explore with numerous processes, ideas and ways represented in texts.

Content includes:

  • ways texts are composed and responded to
  • connections among and between texts
  • meanings shaped, conveyed, reflected and interpreted in and through texts

Elective subjects include:

  • a variety of texts to enable learners to comment and draw upon similarities and differences
  • opportunities through their composition and response to texts to practise, identify and develop an understanding of ways texts:
  1. are modified to suit different audiences and situations;
  2. achieve a range of purposes;
  3. technologies influence the language and structures of text;
  4. the way language structures and forms are used for meaning
  • opportunities for affective and imaginative expression in the response to and composition of texts

HSC English Standard Curriculum

With online English Standard tutoring, students are able to demonstrate and reflect on the effectiveness of texts for different purposes and readers. Learners are required to study at least four types of texts, one from each category of prose; nonfiction; fiction; poetry; film; media or multimedia.

Content for the HSC course includes the choice of 1 elective from each of the 3 modules:

  • Module A: Experience Through Language
  • Close Study of Text
  • Texts and Society

The Difference between the Various HSC English Courses

  • English Standard has been created for learners to increase their proficiency in English so as to enhance their social, personal and vocational lives. Responding to and composing an array of texts is taught within a range of differing situations so as to develop creative and confident communicators.
  • English Advanced has been designed to encourage learners to undertake higher-order thinking and apply critical and creative skills in their response to and composition of texts so as to achieve academic excellence by understanding the function and nature of more complex texts.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) is perfect for students from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • English Extension 1 and English Extension 2 are an intensive level of the subject. These subjects are ideal for students who enjoy engaging with complex levels of conceptualisation and wish to work in independent ways.


Studying English provides a wide skillset for careers such as:

  • Publishing
  • Copywriting
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching
  • Paralegal
  • Marketing

Online Tutoring For English Standard

Online tutoring with e-tut provides a cost effective and flexible means of learning. We provide one-on-one or small group tuition and classes generally last for 60 minutes. Students are welcome to study as little or as many hours as they like per week with our highly trained tutors.

We use world-class virtual classroom technology so that learners and tutors are able to communicate via a two-way audio system and sharing files, thoughts and conversations is super simple with our online whiteboard technology.

Choose e-tut For Successful Online Learning

We specialise in the area of Mathematics, Business, Economics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry along with the various English subjects to help learners achieve successful results with the NSW curriculum in the comfort of their home and computer. There is no need for additional study material and no more having to travel to private tutors and pay hefty fees.

e-tut offers a full range of Year 11 and 12 subject selection for preliminary and HSC courses to help learners on the path to their dream careers.

Area of Study: Belonging


  • explore the ways in which the concept of belonging is 
represented in and through texts
  • consider at least one of the texts prescribed for study 
and additional texts of their own choosing.

List of texts

Module A: Experience Through 

Elective 1: Distinctive Voices

Students choose one of the following texts as the basis for their further exploration of distinctive voices.

List of texts

OR Elective 2: Distinctively Visual

Students choose one of the following texts as the basis for their further exploration of the distinctively visual.

List of texts

Module B: Close Study of Text

Students choose one text from one of the listed types of text.

List of texts

Module C: Texts and Society

Students are to supplement this study with texts of their own choosing related to the elective. The support document Workplace and Community Texts (see www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au) provides examples of types of texts and may further supplement their study of this elective.

Elective 1: The Global Village

Students choose one of the following texts as the basis for their further exploration of the effects of this elective.

List of texts

OR Elective 2: Into the World

Students choose one of the following texts as the basis for their further exploration of this elective.

List of texts