Mathematics (2 Unit)

Online Mathematics (2 Units) Tutoring

HSC Mathematics (2 unit) is a stimulating and rewarding course for students who enjoy Mathematics. The course aims to build fundamental knowledge of the concepts used in the NSW curriculum and get you well on your way to HSC and your future. Our tutors thoroughly cover theory, examination techniques and correct form for solutions. We provide a wide variety of questions and tests to help you practice your mathematical skills and prepare you for examinations.

Our online Mathematics (2U) tutoring makes for personalised and dedicated attention to help you to achieve favourable HSC ATAR. We also offer tutoring in some of the other trickier subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The e-tut course covers both Preliminary and HSC NSW Year 11 and 12 subject selection

Our online Mathematics 2U tutoring will help students to reach their desired HSC ATAR in an interactive and fun environment.

The preliminary course includes the following subjects:

  • Basic arithmetic and algebra
  • Real functions
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Linear functions
  • The quadratic polynomial and the parabola
  • Plane geometry – geometrical properties
  • Tangent to a curve and derivative of a function

The HSC course aims to further student’s grasp of Mathematics with challenging and interesting subjects including:

Coordinate methods in geometry

  • Applications of geometrical properties
  • Geometrical application of differentiation
  • Integration
  • Trigonometric functions (including applications of trigonometric ratios)

Logarithmic and exponential functions

  • Applications of calculus to the physical world
  • Probability
  • Series and Series applications

Both the preliminary and HSC courses aim to help students to appreciate the scope and usefulness of Mathematics for 2U as well as Extension 1 and Extension 2. Students are taught reasoning skills and the ability to apply mathematical techniques to a wide range of problems.

Studying Mathematics opens many doors

Studies have shown that the top professions require Mathematics so a wide variety of career paths are available to students who successfully master the subject. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Actuary
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Operations research analyst
  • Statistician
  • Research scientist
  • Physician
  • Computer scientist
  • Inventory strategist
  • Air traffic controller
  • Attorney

The Benefits of online tutoring for Mathematics

In an era of digital convenience, it makes sense that students reportedly retain information better when taught in an environment in which they are comfortable, in other words, via their computer. All that is required is an internet connection to sign up to e-tut and begin studying the likes of online Mathematics, Biology, Business and Economics.

Our tutoring method allows for one-on-one sessions or small groups with a maximum of five learners which ensures that students receive individual attention and assistance from our highly qualified online tutors. We keep our sessions to a time frame of 60 minutes and students are able to study as many or as few hours per week as they require in order to master a subject from the Australian curriculum.

We specialise in Year 11 and 12 subject selection to ensure that students achieve 90+ HSC ATAR and are well equipped to follow their dream careers.

How does online tutoring work?

We use a high-quality virtual classroom that allows for tutor, student and peer interaction in the form of whiteboard technology that makes real time text chat, video viewing, file sharing, image drawing and overall subject understanding easy and fun.

The multi-way audio functionality allows us to deliver high-class lessons and assessments and we are able to keep in touch with parents too and report on a student’s progress, class attendance and time spent in classes.

Our system allows us to set students up for success with their studies.

Sign up with e-tut today to help your child reach their full potential

Online tutoring allows not only for time saving (not having to travel to tutors) but is also highly cost effective. We eliminate the need to seek out private tutors with high fees, no additional learning material is required and there are no additional study or institution fees required. A PC and internet connection is all it takes.

Our tutors continue to undergo professional development to ensure that they are highly equipped to help learners to reach their full potential in a safe online environment whilst learns grasp the concepts of Mathematics 2U, Extension 1, Extension 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business and Economics.