Mathematics Extension 1

Online Mathematics Extension 1 Tutoring

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 is an interactive and engaging course. The course aims to help you on your way to HSC and your future by teaching the fundamental knowledge of the methods and theorems used in the NSW curriculum.

Our highly qualified e-tut tutors cover an array of theories, solutions and examination techniques that will help you to achieve your desired mathematical scores.

We specialise in not only Mathematics Extension 1, but Mathematics (2 Unit) and Mathematics Extension 2 as well as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics and Business.

We offer both Preliminary and HSC NSW Subjects

Our online interactive and enjoyable virtual classroom will help you to really grasp Mathematics Extension 1.

The preliminary course includes the following subjects:

  • Other inequalities
  • Circle geometry
  • Further trigonometry (sums and differences, t formulae, identities and equations)
  • Angles between two lines
  • Internal and external division of lines into given ratios
  • Parametric representation
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Polynomials
  • Harder applications of the Preliminary 2 Unit course

Our Year 12 HSC Course includes these fascinating subjects:

  • Methods of integration
  • Primitive of sin 2x and cos 2x
  • Equation dN/dt = k(N – P)
  • Velocity and acceleration as a function of x
  • Projectile motion
  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Inverse functions and inverse trigonometric functions
  • Induction
  • Binomial theorem
  • Further probability
  • Iterative methods for numerical estimation of the roots of a polynomial equation
  • Harder applications of HSC 2 Unit topics

Both preliminary and HSC NSW courses aim to help you appreciate the role of mathematics in solving practical problems as well as appreciating the interrelationships between ideas that are drawn from various areas of the subject.

We help you to develop the skills to apply mathematical techniques to solve practical problems using a variety of strategies that will investigate the mathematical models of numerous situations such as projectiles, exponential growth and decay and binomial probability.

We also help you to develop the ability to use mathematical language comprehensively as well as diagrams that will help you to communicate in an array of situations. Our tutors will guide learners to evaluate solutions to problems and communicate then appropriately.

What Career Can You Follow With Mathematics Extension 1?

Many lucrative professions favour employees who have truly mastered NSW mathematics as well as complimentary subjects such as Chemistry and Physics. Such careers include:

  • Mathematics professor
  • Economist
  • Environmental mathematician
  • Robotics engineer
  • Geophysical mathematician
  • Designer using computer graphics and mathematical modelling
  • Ecologist
  • Geometrics engineer

Why You Should Choose Online Tutoring For Mathematics Extension 1

We specialise in Year 11 and 12 subject selection for a number of subjects. e-tut online tutoring offers a safe and dynamic environment for you to learn in with the help of individual attention from well-trained tutors who are master of their subjects.

Our online Mathematics Extension 1 classes comprise one-on-one sessions or small group sessions of up to 5 learners. Our classes last for about 60 minutes and you are afforded the flexibility of studying for as long or little as you like each week.

Our Online Classroom

Our top-notch and technologically advanced virtual classroom makes for interactive and engaging learning sessions. From the comfort of your PC you are able to communicate via two-way audio functionality with both tutors and peers. You can also engage in texting, video sharing, easy file uploading and even remote computer functions.

We keep track of tests that you have taken, your attendance and the amount of time you spend in lessons too so that we can confidently help you to achieve success with Mathematics Extension1.

We also provide an array of examples, theories, tests and examination preparation techniques to help you on your way to your dream job and desirable HTC ATAR.

Reach Your Full Potential with e-tut Online Mathematics Extension 1 Tutoring

Online tutoring with e-tut greatly eliminates the costs that are typically involved with having to hire a private tutor or purchasing study material or even attending a learning establishment. It also saves on travel time – which can be spent in front of the PC mastering your subjects!

Our tutors are professionals in their fields and continue to seek further training in order to help you to reach your full potential in the subjects of Mathematics U2, Mathematics Extension 2, Chemistry, Biology, English, Economics, Physics and Business.