Mathematics Extension 2

Online Mathematics Extension 2 Tutoring

Learning HSC Mathematics Extension 2 with e-tut is interesting and enjoyable for students who are intending on achieving a 90+ HSC ATAR. We follow the Australian curriculum and set out to help students on their way to HSC and your future by instilling a passion and understanding of Mathematics Extension 2.

We ensure that our tutors are masters of their subjects and continue to seek training so that they are highly equipped to help our students on their way to better understanding of subjects and rewarding careers.

e-tut strive to make the learning process accessible and engaging and this of course makes learning easier and the retention of information so much more effective.

PC and internet connections are all that are required to start achieving a learner’s desired HSC grades.

HSC topics covered for Mathematics Extension 2

We follow the NSW Mathematics Extension 2 curriculum.

The subjects include:

  • Graphs
  • Complex Numbers
  • Conics
  • Integration
  • Volumes
  • Mechanics
  • Polynomials
  • Harder 3 Unit (Extension 1) Topics

The Extension 2 course sets out to instil an appreciation of the creativity, usefulness and power of the subject in order to solve a wide range of problems. Students are guided towards the ability to reason in an array of contexts and choose the appropriate mathematical strategies to successfully construct arguments and proofs in abstract and concrete settings.

Our tutors will also focus on the skills required to apply mathematical techniques to solve practical problems by using the relationship between algebraic and geometric representations.

The course and syllabus teaches the use of proficient techniques to skilfully manipulate algebra when dealing with questions that involve the likes of polynomials and conic sections.

Extension 2 further focuses on using the techniques and ideas from calculus in order to solve problems where resisted motion, circular motion and resolution of forces are involved.

Career Ideas with Mathematics Extension 2

Students that have successfully studied, understood and achieved favourable results with Mathematics and complimentary subjects such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Economics are highly sought after.

Some of the more desired job opportunities include:

Teaching – teaching HSC Mathematics is a high-demand field with the need expected to grow.

Computer Science – Mathematicians are prized in this field for their precise and logical thinking. The profession involves the theoretical foundations of information and computation along with their implementation and application in various computer systems.

Actuarial Science – this profession applies statistics and mathematics to the fields of insurance and finance.

Operations Research – this a branch of mathematics that uses methods to derive at desirable decisions to problems regarding maximizing or minimizing costs or profits, for example.

Biomathematics – mathematical tools and techniques are used to model natural and biological processes. Areas such as cellular neurobiology, population genetics and epidemic modelling apply.

Cryptography – this is the exciting practice of hiding information, such as in the profession of spying but the field also applies to the security of ATM cards and computer passwords.

Finance – Mathematicians can build models that can predict the behaviour of financial markets.

Online Tutoring For Mathematics Extension 2

Our online classes are not only affordable and flexible, but we cater for Year 11 and 12 subject selection for subjects such as Mathematics Unit 2; Mathematics Extension 1, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Business and Economics.

We strive to ensure that learning is focused on the individual’s needs so we keep our groups small, between 4 and 5 learners, and also offer one-on-one tuition. We also keep our sessions short so that learners are able to successfully retain and understand information.

How Does the Online Classroom Work?

Our virtual classroom makes use of high-tech functionality for the best possible learning experience. With the use of an interactive whiteboard, students are able to chat to tutors and fellow peers via a two-way audio function. The whiteboard also makes for ease of drawing, viewing and sharing diagrams and images.

Uploading and sharing files is really easy too. We have set out to ensure that a student’s online Mathematics Extension 2 learning experience with us is effective, simple and empowering.

Why e-tut?

We save time and money! No more travelling to and from private tutors or having to pay hefty fees. Boot up a PC, connect to the internet and students are on their way to a successful learning experience from the comfort of their own home.