Online Physics Tutoring

Get your desired grade for HSC Physics and master the subject in a fun online environment that will have you well on your way to becoming a technician, mathematician, engineer or whatever you want to be! Our interactive sessions make learning subjects like Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Economics easy and exciting.

Our expert Physics tutors are well versed with the NSW curriculum and are ready to meet your requirements with enthusiasm and discipline to ensure that you get the best results for Physics with expert guidance and personal attention within your space – be it learning from your iPad, notebook or desktop computer. Our online tutoring allows students to become active participants in the learning process which means that they are more equipped to retain information.

Online Physics – What We Cover

We cover both the preliminary and HSC Physics courses for Year 11 and 12 for subjects like Online Mathematics, Online Biology and Online Physics.

The preliminary Physics course for Year 11 covers fascinating subjects such as:

  • Electrical Energy in the Home
  • Moving About
  • The World Communicates
  • The Cosmic Engine

The HSC Year 12 Physics subjects include:

  • Space
  • From Ideas to Implementation
  • Motors and Generators

Students are then required to include one option from a choice of subjects such as Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Geophysics, From Quant to Quarks or The Age of Silicone.

We offer a structured and engaging approach to online tutoring and explaining the scientific concepts of Physics. We help students to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject in our dynamic online environment which means that students develop an incredible ability to describe and explain Physics concepts accurately.

Career Options

Online Physics opens up a host of career opportunities for students. For starters, Physics teaches students to think which in turn helps to problem solve. In fact, Physics is an essential skillset for any career.

Physics majors can consider a career in the medical field. Scans such as MRIs and PET as well as proton beam accelerators that are used to treat cancer patients are based on physics.

Nuclear fusion requires a studious physics background as does the fascinating world of nuclear engineering.

Science journalism is an interesting career path to follow – especially if, as a physicist, you are able to make discoveries and impart knowledge of the importance of everyday science to the public.

In fact, the possibilities are endless from patent attorney to taxidermy and business man, physics is a great grounding for a career you can be passionate about.

The Benefits of Online Physics Tutoring

The expanse of the Internet has made living and learning easy and in times when both parents may be working and students are working hard to complete tasks, the relevance of online tutoring is becoming apparent. Parents have begun to realise the importance of the support that online tutors can provide in subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

Online tutoring has a number of advantages including the safety of students during private tuition. The cost effectiveness of online learning is another major draw card for parents as learning online eliminates the need to purchase software or other learning tools. Costs are also saved by avoiding travel and institute costs.

The individual attention that students receive is a great plus as is the flexibility of learning as little or as much as students can each week. Students who are struggling with Physics are able to improve their results and are less likely to feel intimidated by the learning process.

How It Works

We use a world class virtual classroom to conduct Online Physics Tutoring for Year 11 and 12 either in the form of 1 on 1 tutoring or small group learning of between 1 – 5 students. Small groups ensure that students continue to receive personal attention and assistance in subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Economics that follow the NSW curriculum.

One of the greatest advantages of our online learning system is that students are able to do as little or as many hours per week per subject as they need. Typically our sessions are run for 60 minutes at a time.

Personal and Affordable Learning

e-tut offers personal online tuition at affordable prices in an environment that allows students to develop to their full potential. Our highly qualified tutors undergo continuous training to ensure that they can offer students the best in online learning and teaching methods with regards to the Australian curriculum. We aim to help your children excel in the more difficult subjects like Physics, Commerce and Biology in a safe environment and they are able to learn at a pace that is comfortable enough for them to reap rewarding results.