Online Tutoring

The vast majority of our children today have iPods, mobile phones, Xboxes, PlayStations, Email accounts and Facebook. This makes it hard for classroom teachers as children get heavily immersed in today’s technological world.

At e-tut, we are more likely to capture the student’s attention, much more than a pen and paper would as they become an active participant in the learning process and are therefore able to retain more information.

REQUIREMENTS: For online tutoring, all you need is an Internet connection, a computer microphone and computer speakers. A computer headset with microphone (costs about $ 10-15) is recommended.

Who can benefit?

  • Students wanting to develop further in a particular area of the curriculum
  • Students finding that there is room for growth in a certain subject

How we help different students:

A student who is struggling:

  • They are able to bring up their results.
  • They are less likely to feel intimidated, as they are not sitting “face-to-face” with the teacher.
  • This might help them feel at ease and therefore ask the questions they need answered.
A student who is average or above average:

  • They are able to move ahead at their required pace.
  • The process is much more interesting as it involves IT.
  • They are challenged to develop further.