Save the Date… Or Not for Your Formal

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Save the Date… Or Not for Your Formal

Thinking about asking a date to your formal or going it alone? We look at the pros and cons of both.

Usually one of the first questions that come to mind when preparing for a formal is, “who are you going to go with?” And as the all-important night rapidly approaches it’s not unusual to panic if you find yourself without a partner.

But are you likely to have more fun flying solo on the night? Or is it better to have a date to share the event with? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each choice.

To Date – the Pros

  • Having someone to share the night with who is bound to make you feel special will make for a memorable evening. It’s nice to get dressed up for someone who will appreciate the effort and who will arrive with a beautiful corsage, open doors for you, pull out your chair and link arms as you enter the room together. It may even be nice to have someone to link arms with just to help you balance in your new killer heels!
  • Taking a date also means you will have someone to slow dance with without feeling left out as you hang around waiting for someone to invite you to dance. Having a partner means hopefully having a willing dance partner.

To Date – the Cons

  • If you wish to take a date from another school it may work out somewhat expensive if your school requests that you cover most of your date’s formal costs. You will have to pay for his or her ticket, transport and any possible after party expenses. You might even end up having to spend on your date’s outfit and overall taking a date could make for an expensive night out.
  • Opting to take a date along to your formal means you will be required to spend the majority of the evening with that person – especially if they are from another school and don’t know too many people at the formal. This means you could be left feeling like a babysitter and not as free as you would like to be to enjoy your night.
  • A date may just burst your bubble. Many students have an idea of how their perfect function will turn out and that often includes having the perfect date. But taking someone who steps on your toes while you’re dancing; spends the night ignoring you or even talks with a mouth fool of food could end up being hard work and more trouble than they are really worth. And if you are one of the guys in a group who has opted to take a date, you may end up wishing you were spending the time with the guys instead of supporting your date on her heels!

formal1Or Not to Date – Pros

  • Going solo to the formal means not having to worry about entertaining someone else all evening and you can enjoy yourself in whatever way you prefer. You can network; dance with friends or completely solo for as many hours as you like. The night will truly belong to you!
  • No date means no awkward or forced conversations. If you want to invite someone you don’t know too well or someone you haven’t spent much time with previously or even someone you’re not too interested in, it’s highly likely that there will be some uncomfortable moments during the night. Going solo means not having to talk about the weather!

Or Not to Date – Con

  • We can’t think of any! If you have friends, dancing and a whole heap load of high school to celebrate, there’s not much more a date can add, is there?

We at etut are not saying absolutely do or definitely don’t take a date to your formal. It all depends on how you dream of enjoying your special night!